Officers and Board of Directors

Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association

President - Scott McDonald, At Home Builders, Inc.
Vice President - Rodney Trenary, Blue Ridge Property Restore
Associate Vice President - Tommy Pope, Countertop Solutions
Treasurer - Chuck Young, CPA, CoxHollida&Professionals, LLP
Secretary - Katy Fidler, Dan Ryan Builders Realty 
Executive Officer - David Hartley
Local Director * - Christin Smith, JC Smith LLC 
Local Director * - Bill Courtemanche, Timberlake Builders, Electrical & Plumbing, Inc. 
Local Director * - Mike Gay, M&N Construction
Local Director * - Kris Messner, Meta-Builders, LLC
Local Director - Laura Chandler, Sierra Pacific Mortgage 
Local Director - Mark Dyck, Gordon
Local Director - Tim Harrison, Harrison & Associates, LLC
Immediate Past President - Lyn Marsh Hansen, Panhandle Builders & Excavating

Home Builders Association of West Virginia

Area Vice President * - G. Todd Alter
State Director - Dan Dulyea
State Director - Lyn Marsh Hansen 
State Director - Mike Gay
State Director - Tim Harrison
State Director - Laura Chandler
State Director - Scott McDonald
State Life Director - David Hartley 

National Association of Home Builders

Director - Kenneth Semler
EPHBA Life Directors:
G. Todd Alter - GTA Associates
C. William Barney - Barney Enterprises Inc.
F. Page Burdette - Potomac Housing Realtors, LLC
Kevin Butler - Carter Lumber Company 
Laura Chandler, Sierra Pacific Mortgage
Dan Dulyea, Dulyea Construction
Katy Fidler - Dan Ryan Builders Realty
Greg Janes - Greg Janes Custom Homes & Renovations
Sally Johnston - Potomac Valley Properties Inc.
Lyn Marsh Hansen - Panhandle Builders & Excavating
Mike Wiley - The Wormald Companies
Jonathan Sherman - Berkeley Home Technologies
Jason Singer, Countertop Solutions